A Chinese delegation of executives visits HTCycle

A team of executives from Beijing Tempro Technologies Inc. visited the headquarters of HTCycle on August 3, 2018. Mr. Jack Zhang (chairman) and Mr. Yan Jun Zhang (general manager) met HTcycle's senior management and made suggestions for future cooperation.

Mr. Stepan Kusche, CTO of the company, personally led the tour at the HTC plant and spoke about the key features of our technology, processes and capabilities. The participants learned about the latest improvements in our technology and their economic and environmental benefits.

The HTCycle concept combines resource conservation and profitability in an innovative way by recovering nutrients and valuable materials into marketable products. As starting materials are e.g. Waste materials such as sewage sludge that can be converted to activated carbon, ammonium sulfate and struvite (MAP).

The day was spent deep-diving into areas of potential collaboration. The visit resulted in the negotiations, during which the guests expressed great interest in investing in the HTCycle technology. We look forward to building closer partnerships through this visit.

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