Innovationspark Vorpommern: bringing energy independence to you

Research. Technology. Innovation.


Technology advancement should not come at the expense of nature preservation. Recent developments and research have given us promising results in terms of the application of renewable energy, making energy independence and sustainability more readily available and accessible than ever.

We at IPI AG are dedicated to helping science and technology advance even further all while preserving the natural habitats of the species we cohabitate with. We do so by constantly working on innovative ways to solve sustainability problems like renewable energy generation, greener power storage, and sewage sludge. 


How we do it

We created Innovationspark Vorpommern as a research, development and innovation hub where green technologies are used at an industrial scale, completely independent from the grid. Apart from giving us ample space to innovate, the park also helps us demonstrate the numerous benefits of our eco-friendly solutions and show our clients that the switch to sustainability and complete energy independence is easier to do than ever.

The solutions you can see at the Innovationspark are not only innovative and developed in collaboration with leading minds in the science and technology industries, but are also completely secure, environmentally-safe and economically profitable.

Innovationspark Vorpommern is more than a concept: it is the living proof that industries, businesses and communities can produce their own electricity and disconnect from the grid, thus increasing their profits and working together towards conservation of the environment.


What has been done

The Innovationspark is located in Relzow and currently occupies 66 hectares. Its aim is to become an entirely energy self-sufficient, industrial-scale complex that also generates renewable energy for the public grid using only eco-friendly, green technologies.

We have already developed numerous renewable energy generation systems and we plan to advance these even more in the years to come. At the moment, the park operates via photovoltaic systems, thermal solar systems and we have started to implement vertical axis wind turbines and hydrogen energy systems.

Along with these, to ensure the Innovationspark’s complete independence, IPI AG is currently developing a plan for building a battery power plant (BPP). The aim is to coordinate the BPP with the entire energy-generating system of the park, thus furthering its energy self-sufficiency.


What is to follow

In the future, we plan to introduce all of the above mentioned energy-generating systems and link them to the storage battery plan in the Innovationspark. In turn, this will ensure the electrical sustainability of the park and provide the entire supply of the numerous offices, conference halls, storage spaces and more in the park.

Once our electricity demand is completely fulfilled by the solar panel systems, the hydrogen energy system and the wind turbines, we plan to make the switch to the battery plant. The BPP will ensure grid stabilization and supply electricity to the site even at times where the renewable energy generation system may not be active (due to weather conditions, for instance). This will finalize our plans for complete energy self-sufficiency of the site and demonstrate that off the grid industrial-scale operations are entirely possible.

As a final note, we would like to mention the park’s hydrogen system. Apart from generating electricity, it also provides hydrogen for the auto-recharge station (currently in concept development). The station will provide both electricity and hydrogen for vehicles in the region as well as vehicles passing the main road next to the Innovationspark. Additionally, the hydrogen will be used to produce steam for our fully functioning HTC to facilitate the biomass carbonization and for the future sewage sludge carbonization plant.

Innovationspark Vorpommern will implement an interconnected system of renewable energy generation and electricity storage systems to make the site entirely self-sufficient when it comes to energy supply and demand. This ensures not only complete energy independence but also a stable income and brings our vision for a clean-running world a step further towards reality.


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