Innovationspark Vorpommern: a concept for energy independence

Research. Technology. Innovation. Future.


For some of us, nature and technology are inconceivable words to be used within the same framework. But fortunately, recent developments and researches have proven us that the positive outcome connecting these two in the context of renewable energy generation is immeasurable for our health, our community and even for our businesses.  We can strongly say that our future depends on the innovations developed considering the natural environment. As long as we dream of a wealthy future we should take care of all technologies we use for energy generation are eco-friendly.  



Where we want to be

Innovationspark Vorpommern is about research and development of innovative green technologies used at industrial scale, completely independent from the grid. The innovation park owned by IPI (International Power Invest) focuses on renewable energy generation and electricity storage, aiming to deliver solutions which are innovative and secure, high technological and environmentally safe, independent and profitable. Our innovation site tends to be the real proof that industries can produce their own electricity and get off the grid, by that increasing their incomes and advocating for the environmental conservation.



How it is done

The innovation park located in Relzow on a territory of 66 hectares pursues the status of an energy self-sufficient industrial scale complex which also generates energy for the public grid using only clean technologies.


The innovation park has developed renewable energy generation systems and plans to advance more in the upcoming years. They aim to compensate each other so that the park could be always self-sufficient and able to secure the energy feed into the grid whenever is necessary. At the moment the park owns photovoltaic systems, thermal solar systems and started to implement the following: vertical axis wind turbines and hydrogen energy systems.


Along with these, to ensure our complete independence, a battery storage plant will be built. The battery power plant (BPP) represents the core of our site which supposes to coordinate with the entire energy generating system.



In the following years

In the next future, Innovationspark Vorpommern will encompass all the mentioned energy generating systems linked to the storage battery plant. The generating systems will assure the electrical sustainability and guarantee the self-supply of the entire site (offices, storage halls etc.).


At the same time, once the electricity demand is fulfilled by the solar panel systems, the hydrogen energy system and the wind turbines, the electricity will be generated to the battery plant. The BPP is the one that will assure the grid stabilization and supply electricity to the site whenever one the energy generation system is not active at a certain time (due to weather conditions or any other reason).  


A particular importance for our site is the hydrogen system. It will generate electricity, but also will provide hydrogen for the auto recharge station which plans to be built at the site entrance. The station will provide both electricity and hydrogen for vehicles from the region but also for those passing the main road next to our site. Moreover, the hydrogen will be used to produce steam for our existing HTC for biomass carbonization and for the future sewage sludge carbonization plant.


Innovationspark Vorpommern will implement an interconnected system of renewable energy generation and electricity storage so that the site could always be able to provide electricity for itself and for the grid. This guarantees a stable income, assures our electricity independence and makes our vision for a clean running world one step forward towards reality.


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