Industrial and agricultural storage

It is important for every business, in particular for those involving industrial and agricultural products to be assured with a proper space. Finding office rentals and large storage facilities in one location can be demanding. That is why we bring an offer which gives the possibility to to all kind of businesses to rent offices and large spaces for storage in one location.

Our Innovationspark Vorpommern in Murchin covers an area of of 240,000 m², out of which 140,000 m² are storage areas in halls and 100,000 m² outdoor storage areas. More than 800m² of modern offices and about 300m² seminar and meeting rooms are available for rent. In addition, our location offers good transport connections, comprehensive WLAN, car parking, 24h guard and surveillance. The site is managed by Mewako, and IPI company.

We are very proud to announce that most of the needed energy is supplied through renewable resources. 

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