Hydrothermal carbonisation: from waste to energy

As one of the pioneers in the industrial application of innovative hydrothermal carbonization technology, HTCycle AG, an IPI company, has been offering solutions for the treatment of various biomass for years. Thanks to long-standing, intensive research and development we have reached new levels of technology applications. Our hydrothermal carbonization technology represents not only a solution for the sewage sludge problem, but also a way to generate renewable energy and extract phosphorus and heavy metals from the HTC coal.

Our company has participated in few large projects in the last years (Project R3Water, Project BioBoost) and at the moment is involved in the implementation of Green Carbon Project and Waste2Fuel Project. Green Carbon Project aims to develop new scientific knowledge, capability, technology and commercial products for biomass-derived carbons, thus impacting the way that Europe uses and innovates with sustainable carbon materials. Waste2Fuel Project aims is to gain new products out of olive oil residues.

For its outstanding results in the field of hydrothermal carbonization HTCycle AG, former AVA GmbH is recognized as a leading know-how, having more than 17 patents and being the first to establish an industrial commercial plant having as end products coal, phosphate and activated carbon.

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