IPI subsidiaries

The internationally active holding company invests in all areas of renewable energies. A total of 10 companies from the fields of battery storage, solar energy, solar thermal, hydrothermal carbonization belong to the IPI holding. The goal of the IPI is to develop holistic alternatives to fossil energy and to implement these in order to protect the environment worldwide.

Deutsche Stromkontor GmbH

The company activity involves the development, manufacture, trade, installation, purchase and operation of components and systems for the use of renewable energies in wind energy, photovoltaic, solar thermal and energy storage.

Emkasol GmbH

Emkasol GmbH specializes in the development, manufacture, construction and sale of solar thermal systems and additional components. For almost 20 years the company has been offering individual, customized solutions for the use of solar energy for heat generation and cooling. emkasol.com  


FK Invest GmbH

An investment company in renewable energies. Its subsidiary Folino Energy SRL, a renewable energy company established in Italy offers renewable energy solutions for the local market.

Fleckenstein Solar GmbH

From consultancy to planning and installation, we are a specialist dealer for a safe and economical operation of your photovoltaic system right from the start. The company offers services for householders of large space which can be used for energy generation with the help of the sun. www.fleckenstein-solar.com


German V GmbH

The company which produces high-quality gloves mostly for outdoor activities. It produces gloves for manufacturing, chemistry industry, gardening or food industry. www.germanV.de  

German Development Institute SRL

A company of professional engineers and designers for renewable energy products and solutions. Starting from basic design and ending with detailed engineering GDI specialists can design in 3D or CAD the future product of our clients.


Global Discovery AG

An IPI company established in Switzerland which main investments are on the Asian and African market.

HTCycle AG

The biotechnology company is a leader in the use of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) for the efficient utilization of biomass (biogenic residues) and sewage sludge as well as for the production of high-performance carbon, such as powdered carbon or black carbon.  www.htcycle.ag   

International Power Investment GmbH

IPI GmbH is a subsidiary of IPI AG located in Germany. Its main activity is the acquisition, management, administration and disposal of energy-producing and energy-storing plants.

Parsolis GmbH

Parasolis main activities are related to the establishment of companies, acquisition, holding and sale of equity interests in the field of renewable energies, as well as those directly or indirectly connected with them in Germany and abroad.

Relzower Servicegesellschaft mbH

Do you need storage space for goods and goods of all kinds? Then you are right at the Relzower service company. There is always enough space in the halls (140,000 m²) and on the open air (100,000 m²). As a service company, RSG also assumes extensive storage and logistics services. rsg-mv.com




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