A closed cycle solution for the residues

One of the most important challenges of the humanity is the waste management. As the consumption increases, people and businesses face problems related to waste disposal. Even if we try to reduce the consumption or rely on more recyclable products, waste still remains a huge problem for our communities and business.

IPI AG came up with the most innovative solution for waste management, in particular for agricultural waste (biomass) and sewage sludge (mixed waste) - hydrothermal carbonization. During the hydrothermal carbonisation process (HTC), sewage sludge is being dewatered at conditions including pressure and heat. The carbon is converted into storable and transportable biocoal. The process water is recycled and cleaned making it available for direct discharge.


HTCycle AG, a subsidiary of IPI AG has been researching and developing this technology for years and at the moment it owns various patents in the field of hydrothermal carbonisation. One the the most important achievements in this area represents the possibility to obtain valuable products like coal, phosphor and heavy metals.  Read more.

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