A closed cycle solution for waste management

Waste management currently poses one of the key challenges for us in terms of sustainability. The growing global consumption faces millions of people and businesses with the problem of proper waste disposal. Even the switch to more easily and readily recyclable products would not entirely eliminate the growing problem of waste management.

When it comes to sustainability, we at IPI AG look at the bigger picture. We try to address every avenue for improvement, offering our clients innovative solutions for renewable energy, power storage but also waste disposal and management.

Our sewage sludge solution addresses the problems of agricultural waste (biomass) and sewage sludge (mixed waste) through hydrothermal carbonization. The hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) process dehydrates the sewage sludge with the help of pressure and heat, and the carbon is converted into easy-to-store-and-transport biocoal. The processed water is then recycled and cleaned, making it readily available for direct discharge. Our sewage sludge solution is the first of its kind and directly addresses the growing problem of waste disposal and management, particularly in the context of biomass and mixed waste. This holds immense implications not only for solving the global waste crisis but also for obtaining valuable products such as coal, phosphor and heavy metals. 

We are continuously partnering with leaders and pioneers in research, such as our subsidiary HTCycle to further refine the technology. HTCycle owns a number of patterns for hydrothermal carbonization. Read more.

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