Clean energy for your business

Renewable energy represents the future of every business and community. Using the sunlight and the wind the humanity has a sustainable energy supply assurance and the posibility to avoid tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. 
IPI AG offers the most reliable solutions in renewable energy through: photovoltaic systems, thermal solar systems and wind energy systems.

Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems represent energy systems built from solar panels, which absorb the sunlight to generate electricity or heatA photovoltaic system typically includes an array of photovoltaic modules, an inverter, a battery pack for storage, interconnection wiring, and optionally a solar tracking mechanism. 

There are different projects of photovoltaic systems developed by IPI AG which differ in size, location and invested volume. IPI AG subsidiaries develop worldwide solar systems starting with 10kWp rooftop system and ending up with large photovoltaic free-standing plants of 45 MW.

IPI AG has established solar panels (PV) plants across Europe and even one in the inovation park in Relzow. 


Thermal Solar Systems

Solar thermal panels also known as solar hot water systems are a renewable energy source which collects heat by absorbing sunlight in order to heat the water. The solar thermal system consists mainly of: thermal collectors, hot water cylinder and accessories for thermal solar systems.

Emkasol GmbH, a subsidiary of IPI AG builts thermal solar systems of different capacities. In addition to the production of solar collectors and their accessories, we also deal with the plant planning and construction of solar thermal systems in connection with heat pumps or pellet heating systems and oil and gas combustion plants. In the last years we have implemented large projects with partners from Romania and Russia of ​​more than 130 square meters of collector area. We offer planning, construction and expert advice about the solar thermal system in combination with other heat generators and storage systems.


Wind Energy Systems

The horizontal wind turbines produce green energy, which is sustainable and environmentally safe, but in the same time the horizontal wind turbines may be harmfull and can lead to the extinction of the most exclusive species of birds. Any collision with the horizontal axis wind turbines can be deadly for the birds because of their big size and weight. Moreover, the wind turbines during their working stage are hardly noticeable by the birds. Thus, IPI AG has invested in the research of the high-technologies for vertical wind turbines which will assure the generation of clean energy but also will be 100% safe for the birds. GDI SRL, a subsidiary of IPI AG has signed a collaboration with the Technical University from Moldova to develop wind turbines with vertical ax with reduced cost production which will be safe for the birds. Read more.

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