Horizontal axis wind turbines

In 2016 a research project was initiated in collaboration with the Technical University from Moldova for the development of the vertical axis wind turbines which convert wind energy into electricity and could be used in the manufacturing industry.  


Based on mathematical models, numerical methods and computational simulations, the researches carry out theoretical and experimental research on physical models to identify technical solutions needed to elaborate vertical axis wind rotor with increased aerodynamic performance.


For constructive parametric development of the wind rotor, the researches conduct computer simulations, conduct experimental testing in the wind tunnel on models of the wind rotor at reduced scale and aerofoil blade segments at real scale.


The research project is still ongoing and has as a final product a set of blades with aerodynamic profile from composite materials, which will be used to manufacture the industrial sample of the vertical axis wind turbine with a higher efficiency and a better economic value. 

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