Vertical axis wind turbines

Each year, hundreds of thousands of birds and bats get caught up in the blades of the horizontal wind turbines. To change that, in 2016, IPI AG initiated a research project with the Technical University from Moldova that aimed to develop an alternative solution – a wind energy turbine that doesn’t put the lives of avian species at risk.

Following extensive research, quality assurance and development, we created a vertical axis turbine that successfully converts wind energy into electricity and can be widely used in the manufacturing industry. We collaborated with researchers with expertise in mathematical models, numerical methods and computational simulations to identify technical hurdles and come up with solutions to elaborate the vertical axis wind rotor and add increased aerodynamic performance.

For the constructive parametric development of the wind rotor, the research team conducted computer simulations, experimental testing in wind tunnels on wind rotor models at a reduced scale and aerofoil blade segments at a real scale.

IPI AG is still working on perfecting the vertical axis turbine and make the product more readily available to the market. Currently, we have a complete prototype and a final product with a set of blades with aerodynamic profile from composite materials, which will be used to manufacture the industrial sample and add higher efficiency and a better economic value.

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