The project which leads to 100 % energy independence

IPI AG’s battery storage project aims to provide businesses with 100% energy independence. We began our work with the engineering of the pilot plant. 

Project objective: The construction and operation of a 125 MW / 200 MWh battery power plant

Location: Relzow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Function of the plant:

•    Provision of primary control for security of supply and stability of the grid

•    Network and system integration of renewable energy

•    Provide evidence of large-scale application of battery systems in the energy industry

•    Black- start capability


Expected Results of the Project:

•    Implementation of processes and system for market access to the energy control market

•    Realized production capacity of MW units

•    Implemented control station for battery-power plants and virtual power plant 

•    Reach serial production for nationwide roll-out

Technology: NCM battery system, modular design (1MW / 2 MWh Units)

Cost: -

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