Red kite (Latin: milvus milvus)

            The red kite, mainly found in western Europe, has a particulary meaning for us. On the one hand the red kite is a frequent guest in our „Innovationspark Vorpommern“ (German headquarter), on the other hand in this region he fights against his worst enemies. Huge and many wind turbines, power lines and the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture seriously endanger this special bird. Because of that, in 2006 the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Ressources listed the red kite on the red list. With our logo we want to draw attention to the red kite extinction risk and to promote our fight for the preservation and a better habitat.

            We know that we can’t remove all risks, but we can:

             Primarly use solar energy for power and heat generation.

             Explore and develope wind turbines for commercial use without disadvantages of conventional wind turbines.

             Build battery power plants, which supply enough energy for a region, without the need for huge power lines. 

             Obtain natural soil conditioner and fertilizer from biomass and sewage sludge using out HTC technology.

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