Our values

Our vision is a clean running world.

Our mission is to develop and generate business solutions which are environmentally safe and economically profitable.


Guiding Principles

Our philosophy is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Research, develop and promote environmentally friendly products and solutions, which increase the quality of life of people around the world.
  • Work as a strong connected team and freely share our ideas and thoughts about the things we find important and interesting in our activity.
  • Approach our clients in a complex manner by offering them personalized solutions for their businesses.
  • Collaborate strongly with worldwide partners that share the same values and care about nature as strong as we do.
  • Our clients, our partners and our employees are equally important for the company and we commit to treat them all with respect and dignity. Diversity is a specific feature of our company since our employees come from different parts of the world, thus we acknowledge this to be a great asset and advantage in our work.

Corporate slogan

“Innovating energy solutions” is the slogan of IPI AG. The holding aims to bring the most innovative technologies in renewable energy on the global market and to offer products with a high economic and ecological value.

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