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Innovating Energy Solutions

Mr. Kuhnle
Chief Executive Officer
International Power Invest AG is a holding of companies specializing in the research, development and wide-scale manufacture of renewable energy solutions.

We at IPI AG believe that technology advancement should not come at the expense of nature preservation, and we are here to work with you towards a clean-running world.

In order to have a greener, cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow, we need to make the change to renewable energy generation and power storage today. That’s why we have gathered some of the world’s leading experts, researchers and pioneers in renewability and sustainability and are constantly working to bring advanced eco-friendly and economically sustainable technologies to businesses around the globe.

Our aim is to make sustainable technologies more accessible and available than ever and help companies make the switch to more eco-friendly alternatives while realizing even greater profits.
Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG, rent warehouse space from MEWAKO GmbH
One of MEWAKO GmbH's warehouse tenants, Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG, will expand its rented warehouse space in the course of this year due to new legal requirements in its business environment.The TV station NDR has reported on this. The full news report can be viewed here:,cannabisfarm100.html
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Ministry of Saudi Arabia and HTCycle AG signed a Memorandum of Understanding
HTCycle and Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore investment opportunities in the development of waste management sector. HTCycle can process sewage sludge in an environmentally friendly way and benefit from the results of the hydrothermal carbonisation process including activated carbon, which is used in the water treatment industry or other sectors.BMG Financial Group was appointed by HTCycle as its investment banker for the Saudi operati...
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HTCycle granted 1.9M Euros from EU's Horizont 2020 SME Instrument Phase II
HTCycle is proud to announce that the company has been awarded by the European Commission SME Instrument Phase 2, the company has been granted with 1.9 Mio € for research and development activities, testing, studies, design and piloting of innovative processes. The project starts on the 1st of September 2018 and will last for 24 months, this funding will boost and accelerate the strategic plan of our company.The funds will be used to perform our unique cutting edge hydrothermal ca...
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Innovationspark Vorpommern
Research. Technology. Innovation.
In our Innovationspark, we develop cutting-edge energy solutions for a future, independent from fossil energy sources. Our research focuses on closed-cycle waste management with the help of hydrothermal carbonization, efficient and clean battery storage, renewable solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies as well as storage for agricultural and industrial products.
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Global solutions for a brighter future
By partnering with global leaders in the research and implementation of renewable energy, IPI AG provides cleaner, more eco-friendly and economically profitable solutions to companies around the globe.
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